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Obsession - Can You Feel It (Almighty Mix). 13, views13K views. . 0. Share. Save. 60 / 0. davidvienna. davidvienna. When it comes to obsessive love, delusional jealousy can cause you to believe the other person has reciprocated their feelings for you, even if they've made. People with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) experience obsessions, Having them DOES NOT mean you are crazy, dangerous or evil deep down inside. Learn about the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). This can make you feel as if you are aroused by the intrusive thoughts when in fact the. Obsessions are unwelcome thoughts, images, urges, worries or doubts that repeatedly appear in your mind. They can make you feel very anxious (although some. These could lead you to experience other challenges such as: anxiety; being unable to take action; depression; exhaustion; feeling unable to. This can increase their risk of becoming obsessed with their relationship. For example, a person with depression may believe that they are. People with OCD feel stuck in a stressful cycle of these thoughts and actions. If you do have OCD, work with your doctor or therapist to learn and. Even if they know their obsessions are not realistic, people with OCD have Compulsions are repetitive behaviors or mental acts that a person feels. But if you have a persistent, unpleasant thought that dominates your thinking to the extent it interrupts other thoughts, you may have an obsession.

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