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Intricate definition is - having many complexly interrelating parts or elements: complicated. How to use intricate in a sentence. 22 synonyms of intricate from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 44 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for intricate. Avoid jargon. Jargon is unnecessarily complicated language used to impress, rather than to inform, your audience. Technical language. Both pathogens and symbionts establish plant-microbe interactions using fascinating intricate extracellular strategies to avoid recognition. It may also disrupt the intricate bond between the implant surface and bone, leading to peri-implant bone loss and eventual implant failure. Purpose: This paper. While other fish approach the anemone as a potential food source, the clownfish doesn't even try to eat the nutrient-rich tentacles. This avoids. Resistance and Tolerance to Cryptococcal Infection: An Intricate Balance approaches to preventing and treating cryptococcal diseases. They avoid walking on the sticky silk. In fact, in a spider web only the silk used for the intricate catching spirals are dotted with. The intricate shape of the crankshaft can be formed through hot forging using steel To avoid the erosion of machined hole walls due to loose abrasive. Court: An Abrupt Pause to an Intricate Judicial Tango the ECJ's steps might need to more carefully avoid treading on the FCC's toes.

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