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But will playing music benefit your developing baby? Read on to learn more. Womb Tunes: Music Your Baby Will Love Not at all. A mother's body muffles the intensity of sound that the baby hears, but not as effectively when sounds are lower or deeper. Music with a loud, pulsing bass line. Don't play too much music – No need to go overboard with the discovery that music encourages development in your unborn baby by constantly playing music to your. Although Mozart may not make your little one any smarter, it may make their brain more active. Babies in the womb have shown increased brain activity when. Some parents believe playing classical music or reading to baby in Speaking or reading to your baby while he or she's in the womb (no. It's not in your head. Babies who listen to music in utero tend to be more active in the womb, says Dr. Gaither. And the benefits carry over after birth. No research supports the idea that playing music when your baby is in the womb makes her smarter. You may have heard that exposure to music. Companies still continue to market classical music to increase intelligence. This can make women feel guilty if they are not providing this. What effect does music have on babies in the womb? It is proven that music has a role in brain development before birth. Listening to music during pregnancy. And it's not a trend. There is a wealth of medical and scientific research from all around the world that supports the many benefits of playing.

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